Italy, get ready for the biggest TV revolution ever!

Italy is not only the place for delicious food, amazing wine, and stunning scenery, but it is also one of the most promising addressable TV markets in Europe. Several TV stations and media companies already offer suitable solutions for their advertising customers.

There are endless TV advertising opportunities for Italian SMEs with a strong local customer base. With addressable TV adverts, SMEs can easily target their core audience. Due to the incredible potential in addressable TV advertising, SME partnerships and very engaged target groups, Italy has been chosen as @media’s launch country.

The @media box test phase launches in November 2022 in the regions of Treviso, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Tuscany,

“For us, Northern Italy is the perfect test region. Just in these three starting regions are more than 6,000 myWorld partners – primarily SMEs, which already look forward to testing a new sales channel. In addition to that, there are thousands of @media box users from day one, who want to shop at myWorld partners to collect Cashback and Shopping Points – these are the best conditions for the starting phase of the @media box.”

Peter Gruber, CEO of mediaWorld agency GmbH

These key regions are filled with SMEs, which can reach TV audience of thousands of @media box users who, while watching TV, streaming, or gaming, watch targeted ads that interest them are also getting paid to do so.

Easy usability of the @media technology allows an effortless expansion of the @media box to additional regions of Italy as well as other European countries, which is already being planned.