Rethinking your advertising strategy?

Think @media, the advertising platform that actually works

Before, we dive into the reasons why you should consider advertising on @media, let us clarify what exactly Connected TV (CTV) is and how @media as a CTV device can be used as your go-to advertising platform.  

Connected TV also known as CTV is any television set that can be connected to the Internet in order to stream video content. Some most known CTV devices are Smart TVs, gaming consoles, or devices that can be plugged into the TV such as Amazon Fire Stick. As mentioned previously, our @media box is also a CTV device.

CTV market & usage

Presumably CTV usage is on the rise as more and more people own Smart TVs, hence they use CTV. Recent study conducted by Freewheel in collaboration with research company Happydemics found out that astonishing 70% of consumers across France, Germany, Italy and the UK have already connected their TV set to the internet, meaning that watching TV is now a predominantly connected experience across much of Europe. In the UK and France, the number of CTV users is even higher and stands at 80% (UK) and 77% (France). Another interesting study done by Showheroes revealed that in Europe alone 80 % of users preferred CTV to linear TV. 62% of users said they use CTV because of the flexibility, variety of content and easy usability. 

@media – your entry ticket to CTV advertising

Why should your business consider advertising on @media?

Using @media as your CTV advertising platform for your business has never been easier. Our B2B panel is very user-friendly, the functions and features are understandable even if you have no technical, advertising background or knowledge.

With @media, you can reach your target audience, who is interested in your products and services. What is more, placing an advertisement on @media is very affordable and effective way of promoting your business.

Benefits of CTV advertising

The Innovid and Digiday made research into CTV advertising effectiveness and its impact on businesses, which invested in this type of advertising. Below, you can see the key findings of this study:

  • 59% said CTV advertising increased their brand awareness
  • 49% of advertisers said CTV advertising increased brand engagement, including website and shop visits
  • 25% reported that CTV ads contributed to higher conversion rates
  • 18% said they achieved an increased number in returning customers

Still not sure whether @media is the right platform for advertising of your business?

There is still a big misconception about advertising on TV. Yes, traditional TV advertising is very expensive as well as difficult to measure its success and overall effectiveness. On the other hand, @media advertising gives you the opportunity to advertise your products and services on TV affordably, it has advanced targeting where you can specify exactly who your audience is so the ad will show only to people, who are genuinely interested in your business. Most importantly, with @media you are in charge. Once you register your business on @media, you will gain the access to our B2B panel. There, you will see precise reporting on how well your ad is performing, you will be able to pause the advertising campaign anytime or edit the campaign.

Don’t wait up, register your business on @media today and start growing your business instantly!